Delegate and Civil Society Reactions to U.S. Climate Action Center at COP25

“Seeing how much climate action is going on in so many countries, and hearing about the extensive planning both for adaptation and carbon reduction shows such momentum that current US federal policy seems like a minor aberration. This train has left the station (albeit later than we mighty have wanted), and the US better get back on board quickly!”

- Wim Weiwel, President, Lewis & Clark College


“Here at COP 25, I am both alarmed by the data and inspired by the commitment of everyone who is still in. I am particularly appreciative of the important work of the WWF, WASI and organizations like Second Nature in developing the infrastructure that connects actors across sectors to take aligned action at scale. I will return to my home institution, Portland Community College, infused with greater hope and urgency and a stronger set of national and international allies to move forward with. In my office, I have a sign that reads: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We are at a critical point where we must go fast and far. And the only way to do that, is to go together. Thank you for bringing us together."

- Mark Mitsui, President, Portland Community College


"The U.S. Climate Action Center serves as a place of hope and inspiration for greater ambition. I was grateful to be there to tell the world that together we must do more and urgently. In the health care sector, we are at the center of the climate crisis, treating its effects on our communities and doing our own part to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint. If global temperatures continue to rise, every child born today will face more climate-sensitive infectious diseases, a reduction in food availability, and an increase in heart and lung damage as a consequence of air pollution, according to a recent Lancet report. Health is at the heart of the Paris accord, and CommonSpirit Health is proud that we are still in because, to deliver on our healing mission, we must secure a sustainable future and a healthy planet."

Rachelle Wenger, System Vice President, Public Policy & Advocacy Engagement, CommonSpirit Health


"Rocky Mountain Institute has been inspired by participating in the events at the U.S. Climate Action Center, which have been a moving testament to the growing momentum of climate action taking place in the United States by states, cities, tribes, businesses, investors, universities, youth, healthcare organizations, cultural and faith-based institutions, and many others across the country. These are the same leaders whose actions are documented in the newly released report Accelerating America’s Pledge, which shows that we can build a comprehensive, all-in climate strategy based on the actions of these leaders to achieve 2030 emissions reductions consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C."

Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute


"From the day the U.S. government signaled its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, we at Salesforce decided to redouble our efforts — and we were not alone. No matter what any one company can do within its own four walls, or even in its supply chain, this is an issue and an emergency that demands all of us -- individuals, businesses, governments -- step into our roles and play our part. With We Are Still In we have the opportunity together to be much more powerful across all sectors of society. We Are Still In represents the majority of Americans and the majority of GDP. This isn’t just a fringe movement on the side. This is America."

- Ari Alexander, General Manager, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, Salesforce


"The COP focuses attention on the crucial importance of US subnational activity. In the higher education sector, we know we need to "practice what we teach" for climate solutions - decarbonizing operations of our anchor institutions at a pace that exceeds those needed for the goals of the Paris Agreement to be met. We are also inspired to accelerate mobilization of higher education's curriculum, research, and senior leadership that will enable other progress across the rest of society as well."

- Timothy Carter, Executive Director, Second Nature


"Autodesk was pleased to attend and reiterate that we remain ‘United for the Paris Agreement’ and that smart policy action on climate change helps Autodesk meet our net-zero carbon commitment and deliver the technology to enable our customers to stay competitive in making the low carbon economy."

- Ben Thompson, Director, Sustainable Business, Autodesk, Inc.