How the Private Sector and Local Government Leaders are Fulfilling the Paris Agreement

Days before the state of the next round of UN climate talks, leaders from We Are Still In and new climate coalitions in Japan and Argentina shared their expectations for COP 24 with international media on a global press call. Representatives from U.S. climate coalition We Are Still In are traveling to COP24 to have bilateral conversations with national governments and advocate for more climate ambition and stronger rules to operationalize the Paris Agreement. U.S. subnational leaders will be joined by representatives from newly-established climate coalitions in Japan and Argentina who are committed to forming new partnerships with national and subnational governments to accelerate domestic implementation and close the widening ambition gap at these talks and throughout 2019.

Full recording available here:

  • Opening Remarks by Lou Leonard, Senior Vice President for Climate and Energy, World Wildlife Fund Michelle Patron,
  • Director of Sustainability Policy, Microsoft, representing We Are Still In Eri Nakajima,
  • Vice-Governor of Nagano Prefecture, representing Japan Climate Initiative
  • Cristian Feldkamp, CEO, CREA, representing Alianza para la Acción Climática Argentina