We Are Still In: Stepping Up Climate Action in 2018

In 2017, we told the world that America is still committed to climate action and delivering on the Paris Agreement. In 2018, we will turn that promise into action.

The momentum from America’s climate leaders is already powering us towards a clean energy economy, but we must pick up the pace.

The Paris Agreement was designed to increase national targets every five years starting in 2020. America must keep its promise and deliver on its pledge under Paris. The actions America’s climate leaders take now will help accelerate our global climate trajectory and give countries the confidence to do the same.

For those who have yet to set a climate target, now there is an opportunity to do so. For those who have a climate target, now is the time to make it more ambitious by cleaning up supply chains, electrifying more vehicles, procuring more renewable energy, setting goals in line with science and building resilient communities.

We Are Still In is ready to support businesses, cities, states, universities, tribes and other signatories in scaling up their climate targets.

Doing so is an invest in the future – for American families, communities, and businesses. It will sustain our nation’s competitiveness and climate leadership on the world stage.

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