We Are Taking Action: Stepping Up Climate Action in 2018

The leadership of our signatories, and others, has ensured that America’s emissions continued to decline in 2017, even with federal policies curtailing progress. But, America needs new commitments and scaled up climate action if we are going to deliver on America’s Pledge.

Ahead of the premier climate event in 2018, the
Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-14, San Francisco, California), America's climate leaders have an opportunity to accelerate progress towards the US climate targets under the Paris Agreement by submitting a 'contribution' through the US Climate Action Contribution Platform. We Are Still In is ready to support businesses, cities, states, universities, tribes and other signatories in scaling up their climate targets.

Doing so is an invest in the future – for American families, communities, and businesses. It will sustain our nation’s competitiveness and climate leadership on the world stage.

Join us in making 2018 the year we tell the world America is stepping up its climate efforts, because we are still in and committed to America's Pledge on climate.