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This submission reflects this organization's contribution to the climate effort, representative of their current actions and commitments as well as the ways in which they intend to step up and collaborate with others.

Brandeis University's Climate Action Contribution

About Brandeis University's Climate Efforts

The 2016 Brandeis University Climate Action Plan outlines several efforts we will undertake to reduce our carbon footprint. Our short-term goal is reduce our emissions by 10% by fiscal year 2018, and 15% by fiscal year 2020, over a fiscal year 2015 baseline.

As of FY18, we have exceeded our goal and reduced our footprint by 12.6%.

Climate Action Commitments

Current Climate Actions Brandeis University Is Taking:


Sign one of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments

President’s Climate Leadership Commitments are signed by Higher Education presidents and chancellors. They can sign either the Carbon or the Resilience Commitment, or the integrated Climate Commitment. The commitments require strong leadership to create a implementation structures on campuses, complete GHG inventories, develop climate action plans and consistently report on progress.

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Climate Action Plan
Current Climate Actions Report

Areas For Collaboration

We are interested in collaborating on the following:

Efficient Buildings
  • Encouraging more aggressive state energy efficiency policies
  • Supporting building thermal decarbonization and electrification

Local Collaboration
  • Collaborate on climate and clean energy action, and to advocate for stronger climate policy at the local level

  • Enacting policies and programs that cut fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production
  • Supporting implementation of methane leak detection technology and processes in aging infrastructure

Utility Sector
  • Aggregating demand for renewable energy with other actors
  • Encouraging more aggressive state renewable energy policies
  • Supporting states, cities, and utilities in decarbonizing their energy supply

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