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This submission reflects this organization's contribution to the climate effort, representative of their current actions and commitments as well as the ways in which they intend to step up and collaborate with others.

Foundation for the Future's Climate Action Contribution

About Foundation for the Future's Climate Efforts

/Support of groups speaking for and working toward solutions

Climate Action Commitments

Current Climate Actions Foundation for the Future Is Taking:


Phase Out Investments in Thermal Coal

Investors commit to phasing out our investments in thermal coal activities (specifically thermal coal mining and coal-fired power generation).

New Climate Actions Foundation for the Future Commits To Take:


Commit to 100% Renewable Power: RE100

Companies joining RE100 make a commitment to 100% renewable electricity across their operations , working to increase corporate demand for – and delivery of – renewable energy.

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Commit to Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy

Join companies and investors that are helping to shape government policy on climate, taking early action and leadership, and showcasing their commitment to a safer and more prosperous economy.

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Sign the Investor Statement of Support for Low Carbon Investment

Signatories of the Low Carbon Investment statement declare their support for the continued development of the green bond market, in line with global best practice, and will invest in green bonds when investment characteristics are comparable and consistent with investment objectives.

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Areas For Collaboration

We are interested in collaborating on the following:

Efficient Buildings
  • Encouraging more aggressive state energy efficiency policies

Electric Vehicles
  • Encouraging more aggressive state targets for electric vehicles and GHG standards

HFC Phase Down
  • Encouraging states to adopt policies to phase out HFCs on an accelerated timeline

Local Collaboration
  • Collaborate on climate and clean energy action, and to advocate for stronger climate policy at the local level

  • Enacting policies and programs that cut fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production
  • Supporting adoption of state-level policies to reduce methane from upstream and midstream oil and gas operations

Natural Lands
  • Encouraging states to adopt incentive programs for forest management, tree cover expansion, and soil health

Utility Sector
  • Encouraging more aggressive state renewable energy policies

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Family Foundation
Chevy Chase, MD