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Oregon's Climate Action Contribution

About Oregon's Climate Efforts

Climate change poses one of the most significant threats to Oregon’s economy, environment, and way of life. Our winters are becoming milder, our summers hotter. Snow packs are shrinking and unseasonably warm temperatures are leading to rapid spring melts depleting Oregon’s supply of summer water for agriculture and stream flows for wildlife. Storms and forest fires are becoming more severe while the risk of coastal flooding is increasing. These impacts will affect all Oregonians, but will hit low-income communities, communities of color, and rural communities the hardest. Mitigating the impacts of climate change and achieving Oregon’s greenhouse gas reduction goals are key priorities for Governor Kate Brown. About 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the way and the type of energy we use every day. In order to curtail climate change, we must put Oregon on the path to the clean energy resource mix of the future. Governor Brown is focused on meaningfully reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change while keeping energy reliable and costs affordable to benefit Oregonians and the state economy. Under Governor Brown’s leadership, the state adopted the nation’s first Coal-to-Clean law requiring disinvestment from coal and the Clean Fuels standard requiring a 10% reduction in carbon intensity of transportation fuels.

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