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This submission reflects this organization's contribution to the climate effort, representative of their current actions and commitments as well as the ways in which they intend to step up and collaborate with others.

RRG Capital Management's Climate Action Contribution

Climate Action Commitments

Current Climate Actions RRG Capital Management Is Taking:


Make and Report New Low Carbon Investments

Investors commit to increasing investments in appropriate low carbon opportunities such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, low carbon transportation, energy storage and energy efficient buildings. Investors commit to reporting and sharing those commitments and those investments.


Report Existing Low Carbon Investments

Investors commit to report on existing investment allocations to low carbon investments and on existing targets and commitments to making additional low carbon investment.


Commit to the Natural and Working Lands Challenge

The natural systems upon which we depend are essential to life and critical for reducing the impacts of climate change on our communities. These systems are also under threat from human activity and climate change. Maintaining the resilience of natural and working lands is an important part of any GHG emission reduction strategy. It is also important to securing the well-being of communities, economies and ecosystems. Actions that secure and enhance the “carbon base,” such as land conservation, restoration, and improved management, also support watersheds and food systems, improve air quality, protect against urban heat islands and sea level rise, and preserve the beauty and function of natural areas and parks. Those that accept the NWL Challenge should commit to securing natural and working lands as a resilient net sink of carbon. This will take different forms for different actors. For example, local, sub-national and national jurisdictions might take a broad approach like that of the U.S. Climate Alliance. Landowners and managers may wish to focus on restoration and implementing climate-smart practices on their own lands. Businesses may look at their supply chains and customers as potential partners, and incorporate natural and working goals into their own climate change commitments and strategies.

The U.S. Climate Alliance States commit to taking actions that will reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration in forests, farms, rangelands, wetlands and urban greenspace, and integrating these pathways into state GHG mitigation plans by 2020. The Natural and Working Lands Challenge calls on other states, cities, nations, tribes, businesses and others to make the same commitment within their organizations. Feel free to elaborate on your work towards this challenge, along with your other efforts, in the "Other Commitments" field below.

Areas For Collaboration

We are interested in collaborating on the following:

Other collaborations
We are collaborating with other prominent investors and asset managers in the agricultural industry to work on implementing regenerative agricultural practices into our specialty crop operations.

Organization details

RRG Capital Management owns, manages, and develops agriculture, land, water, and renewable energy assets in the U.S. and internationally. RRG investments generate strong financial returns by finding value in places normally over looked because of industry silos. The areas we work in also present meaningful opportunities to improve agriculture, water, and energy systems in ways that benet people and the environment. We help build a more sustainable future.
Los Angeles, CA
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