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This submission reflects this organization's contribution to the climate effort, representative of their current actions and commitments as well as the ways in which they intend to step up and collaborate with others.

World Energy LLC's Climate Action Contribution

Climate Action Commitments

Current Climate Actions World Energy LLC Is Taking:


Commit to Responsible Engagement in Climate Policy

While individual organization action is necessary, local and federal government action is also needed to reach global climate goals. Your organization can have a critical voice in advancing public policy. A commitment to responsible engagement in climate policy means that your organization commits to supporting public policy to: promote energy efficiency and renewable energy; increase investment in a clean energy economy; support climate change adaptation, or put a price on carbon.


Commit to Increase Your Use of Renewable Power

Increasing your percentage of renewable energy sources is a key component of reducing overall GHG emissions. Installing onsite renewable generation, like solar panels, is a good long-term strategy if possible. But renewable energy can also be procured through Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), renewable power purchasing agreements (PPAs), and in some locations from retail electricity providers or local utilities that offers a high percentage of renewable power. Also consider becoming an EPA Green Power Partner.

Areas For Collaboration

We are interested in collaborating on the following:

Utility Sector
  • Aggregating demand for renewable energy with other actors
  • Encouraging more aggressive state renewable energy policies
  • Supporting states, cities, and utilities in decarbonizing their energy supply
Other collaborations
Electric vehicles are not the only way to dramatically reduce the GHG impacts of the transportation sector - replacing petroleum-based diesel with low-carbon biodiesel can have a tremendous impact, with existing fleets. It would be great if the "Electric Vehicle" collaboration could be expanded to a "Low-Carbon Vehicle" collaboration, so that it embraced the role of biodiesel as well. We believe that both technologies are valuable on the path to a low-carbon economy.

Organization details

Since its inception over 20 years ago, World Energy has been at the forefront of biodiesel commercialization, playing critical roles in manufacturing, distribution, market development, and international trade. Today, World Energy is one of America’s largest suppliers of biodiesel offering over 200 Million gallons (660,660 Metric Tons) of annual biodiesel production. Our fuels and fuel blends exceed the industry’s most demanding specifications and we offer certified BQ-9000 as well Q-RIN verified products tailored to customer requirements.
Boston, MA
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