Jack Johnson: All At Once

Jack Johnson joined more than 40 musicians in signing the We Are Still In pledge to show that the music industry is committed to the U.S. climate goals of the Paris Agreement. In 2008, Jack Johnson launched All At Once, a social action network and global community based on the belief that an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. Johnson continues to pave the way in green touring practices and released the All At Once Impact Results from his recent 2017-2018 World Tour. Vehicles were fueled by sustainable biodiesel wherever possible, concertgoers were offered mass transportation and bike valet options, waste reduction measures were expanded and single-use plastics were eliminated backstage. In addition, the tour sourced food from local farms, offered eco-friendly merchandise, provided free water refill stations and worked closely with venues to promote reusable pint programs to provide fans with an alternative to disposable plastic cups. 

Johnson and his foundations have all made the DivestInvest pledge to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions. In 2016, Jack Johnson personally divested from oil, gas and coal companies, joining a global investor movement to transition towards sustainable energy. Johnson and his Johnson Ohana Foundation and Kokua Hawaii Foundation, have joined with over 1000 organizations and nearly 60,000 individuals in taking the pledge, and are proud to announce that as of March 2019 all of their investment portfolios are 100% fossil fuel free. Active investments are made in clean energy alternatives such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. This commitment is part of a larger Impact Investment strategy that Jack and both organizations have created to support social and environmental impact, and to align investments with their mission to support sustainable local food systems and reduce plastic waste. 

To help the music industry turn the tide on plastic pollution, Jack Johnson recently worked with the Sustainable Concerts Working Group and Green Music Australia to launch a global BYOBottle campaign to promote reusable water bottles and water refill stations at music events. 

Greening highlights from Johnson’s most recent world tour are listed below and the full greening report can be viewed at: https://jackjohnsonmusic.com/greening/2017

Reducing Waste: Jack Johnson’s tour crew works with REVERB and venue operators to implement waste reduction strategies including recycling, compost collection, single-use plastic waste reduction and other waste diversion efforts to reduce the amount of waste headed for the landfill. The tour utilizes reusable food service products when available and biodegradable food service products when reusables are not available.

  • More than 9615 gallons of recyclables and over 1370 gallons of compostable food waste was collected and diverted from landfills at venues across the tour.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastic: The Jack Johnson tour tackles plastic waste reduction from every angle. As part of his recent tour, All At Once Non-Profit Partners hosted screenings of The Smog of the Sea, a film to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Fans refilled at All At Once Water Stations, and made Capture Your Commitment pledges to reduce plastic waste. The tour promoted the UN Environment Clean Seas campaign and eliminated plastic straws at all shows. Jack Johnson became an artist ambassador for the Green Music Australia BYOBottle campaign to promote reusable water bottles in the music industry in July 2018 and helped to launch the campaign globally on Earth Day 2019. 

  • Johnson and his crew implemented a comprehensive Reusable Pint Program with Steelys to reduce plastic waste at 40 venues in the U.S. Nearly 70,000 reusable pint cups were sold or given to fans to reduce single-use plastic waste, eliminating the need for 200,000 plastic cups.

  • Over 36,000 single-use plastic bottles were eliminated by providing free filtered drinking water at the All At Once Water Stations. Band & crew members went plastic free by filling up their reusable water bottles with 2465 gallons of water at backstage water stations.

Reducing Energy and CO2 Emissions: The tour works with each venue to reduce the carbon footprint of the shows including “no idling” policies, sourcing local food to reduce food miles, powering tour trucks and buses on sustainable biodiesel, and encouraging alternative transportation and energy efficient lighting. Ground and sea freight is utilized for shipping gear in an effort to further reduce the carbon footprint. After all energy conservation measures are taken, remaining CO2 emissions are offset to support carbon management projects.

  • Fans are encouraged to utilize alternative transportation by carpooling, taking shuttles, mass transit, and riding bikes to get to the show. The recent tour partnered with local bike organizations to host Bike Valets at 22 concerts with over 1100 cyclists biking to the shows.

  • Johnson's tour production team works with REVERB and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance to source biodiesel, a non-petroleum alternative to conventional diesel fuel, producing on average 78% less carbon emissions to power their tour trucks, busses, and generators.  

  • 8643 fans purchased a carbon offset sticker at the shows and 12,493 fans made a carbon offset donation through a Ticketmaster Opt-In. As a result of green touring, venue contributions and fan participation, over 13 million pounds of CO2 were offset, supporting renewable energy sources like wind, solar, farm methane collection, and clean energy education.

Supporting Sustainable Local Food Systems: The Jack Johnson tour sources food from local farms for catering, donates food to hunger relief organizations and hosts food drives.

  • 226 local farmers and artisans were supported through the Farm to Stage catering program with the purchase of local and organic food for backstage.

  • 2880 pounds of prepared food was rescued from backstage catering and donated to hunger relief organizations, providing over 2300 meals. 

  • Over 500 pounds of food was collected at food drives at shows, hosted by Conscious Alliance in Denver, OZHarvest in Australia, and KiwiHarvest in New Zealand. 

Community Outreach: Jack Johnson toured around the globe in 2017-18 to bring his All At Once message to more than 600,000 fans worldwide. All At Once comes to life at each show in the Village Green where concertgoers connect with non-profit groups, take environmental action and capture environmental commitments.

  • Over 100,000 Environmental Actions were taken by fans in the Village Green.

  • Over $1.9 million was directed to 315 All At Once Non-Profit Partners.

  • The All At Once community brought over 11,300 interested volunteers and over 4000 new members to All At Once Non-Profit Partners.

For more information, check out Jack Johnson’s Climate Action Contribution Page