Metrus Energy- Putting Energy Efficiency to Work

Metrus Energy is built on the belief that what’s good for business can also be good for the environment.

Ten years after it was founded, Metrus has emerged as a market leader in energy and water efficiency financing, and is making it a priority to play an active role in helping fight climate change.

The San Francisco-based company has made a commitment to fund $100 million in energy efficiency transactions. It has made this commitment as part of We Are Still In’s We Are Taking Action campaign, and is implementing this work under its innovative Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA) structure, which has earned widespread acceptance in the marketplace with Fortune 500 firms and large institutional facilities.

ESAs finance a wide range of energy efficiency projects that upgrade existing technology: Lighting, heating, cooling, building management & control systems, industrial motors, and water efficiency projects.

The company’s first project since making this commitment is with Wells College in Aurora, New York (also a signatory to We Are Still In). The work will focus on creating a more comfortable living and learning environment in key residential dormitory buildings and academic spaces, and is a great example of investors and service providers partnering across sectors to implement climate solutions. The efficiency improvements will result in approximately a 14% reduction in total electricity use on campus and a 28% drop in fossil fuel (propane and fuel oil) consumption.

Through WASI, as well as its involvement in the Better Buildings Challenge, Metrus has seen the critical role being played by financing to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency across large commercial & industrial customers.

Metrus finances efficiency projects in all key segments of the U.S. economy and international markets: industrial and manufacturing, commercial, aerospace and defense, healthcare systems and hospitals, e-commerce and higher education. In total, Metrus has financed projects in 20 different states, generating over one billion of kWh savings for its customers and reducing 833,000 tons of CO2. “Metrus is fortunate to work with many great people and partners, all focused on helping us deliver energy efficiency-as-a-service for our customers,” said Bob Hinkle, CEO, Metrus Energy. “We’re proud to be a part of this forward-looking community, committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet.”

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