Statement on Washington Initiative 1631

We are a group of 15 businesses and organizations that call Washington State home. We are proud to endorse Initiative 1631 on the November ballot and we encourage other residents, businesses, and organizations in Washington State to do the same, and to turn out to vote on Election Day.


We Are Still In Statement on Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge

On behalf of the more than 230 cities and towns that are part of We Are Still In, we welcome the announcement today by Bloomberg Philanthropies of the “American Cities Climate Challenge”. It was a year ago today that the Trump Administration’s announced its intent to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, this new program reinforces the leadership that cities and mayors have taken to help fulfill our promise to fight climate change over the last year.


Letter from We Are Still In Leaders’ Circle

Dear We Are Still In Signatories, Last June, you helped us launch the We Are Still In coalition to show the world that Americans, from every walk of life, care deeply about addressing climate change and protecting our planet. The world took note of your words and actions, and We Are Still In was a sensation globally. We thank you for signing the statement and for your continuing commitment to taking climate action.


We Are Still In and America’s Pledge

The next few years of global climate action are crucial. Incremental action won’t be enough. That is why non-party actors will play an essential role in increasing the momentum to uphold the Paris Agreement and limit warming well below 2-degrees C.


We Are Taking Action: Stepping Up Climate Action in 2018

Ahead of the premier climate event in 2018, the Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-14, San Francisco, California), America's climate leaders have an opportunity to accelerate progress towards the US climate targets under the Paris Agreement by submitting a 'contribution' through the US Climate Action Contribution Platform.


We Are Still In Presents its Leaders Circle

We Are Still In welcomes the first twelve individuals and organizations who have joined a newly formed Leaders’ Circle. The Leaders’ Circle includes representatives from each sector participating in the coalition. The first twelve organizations and individuals include the following: